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COMPETITION “Terra Migaki Design”
@Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
in collaboration with

ANAB (Associazione Nazionale di Architettura Bioecologica) with japanese agencies SOU-CIKU- SIA and GEN, promotes the first japan earth-polished finishes design award called “Terra Migaki Design”.

The goal of the competition is to create new scenarios of cultural exchange between Italy and Japan in the world of sustainability. This first edition aims to encourage the design of objects of sustainable design in order to test the use of raw earth, using, among others, Japanese techniques of polished finish.
Projects from industrial, interior or product design are accepted.

Each kind of material can be used, nevertheless earth must be one of the materials in all of the project applications and construction techniques. The function of the object should be compatible to earth material, paying particular attention to its specific characteristics.

The competition is open to everyone.
Participants, if in team, must designate a leader who is liable to the organisation and is the single owner of the prize.
Each participant can submit only one project.
The Competition is either not open to: jury member and their family members, Governing Council members of all promoters, persons have working relationship with the jury members during the time of the competition.




Terra Migaki Design

ANAB (Associazione Nazionale di Architettura Bioecologica)

Before paying you must have registered in the competition.
The payment is €90.00 but sign up before March 1, 2016 to get the price reduced to €60.00!

1. Bank Transfer

beneficiary of the transfer: ANAB
IBAN: IT 40 W 02008 11220 000100461946

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Presentation by MilanoMakers
Registration Deadline
Application Deadline
Exhibition @ FUORI SALONE DEL MOBILE – Fabbrica del Vapore via procaccini 4, Milano
Workshop @ FUORI SALONE DEL MOBILE – Fabbrica del Vapore via procaccini 4, Milano

Convention/Award/Demonstration @ Fabbrica del Vapore via procaccini 4, Milano

Trip to JAPAN




More than meets the eye: the importance of the invisible in Japanese food

2 DAYS @ Slow Food Pavilion Milano Expo

11th July 6pm  
Speakers: Akinori Kimura, Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky
12th July 4.30 pm
Speakers: Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky


From farm to table, our food is constantly being affected by the forces surrounding it whether that be nature or human beings.

Much of this can been seen, however much of it requires us to use our other senses or even intuition to grasp its value in order for us to treat it with the proper respect.

Our speakers on the 11th and 12th of July at the Slow Food Pavilion will be sharing with us their thoughts and observations regarding their experiences.

Akinori Kimura is an apple grower from Aomori prefecture who almost came to ruin when he stopped using pesticides on his trees due to his wife’s health. Close to committing suicide he was inspired by a lone healthy tree growing in the wild. His resolve to imitate nature and restore his soil to its natural health has since led him to grow the now much sought after ‘miracle apple’. Kimura will be telling us his story which led him to grow these perfect, pesticide-free apples.

Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzky on the other hand will be speaking on the aesthetics of Japanese food after their research trip with GEN last march in the Prefecture of Mie. They will be focusing on kaiseki (Japanese multi-course meal) and wagashi (traditional Japanese desserts), two visually beautiful Japanese art forms. Beyond what one sees, Perm and Sebi will also be deconstructing some of the meaning and thought behind such elaborate displays of food presentation.


Akinori Kimura(Japan)/ Producer of  ‘Miracle Apple’

Perm Paitayawat(Thailand)/ Food writer and consultant, PhD student and lecturer in Theatre Studies

Sebastian Melnitzsky(Argentine)/ Graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences,
Student in the Food Innovation Program,Reggio Emilia


Special Christmas Class at Ohkawa Academy in Japan

Special Christmas Class at Ohkawa Academy in Japan
@Ohkawa Academy(Mie Prefecture in Japan)

On the 24th of December 2014, GEN will be going to Mie prefecture in Japan to the Tom Sawyer After School at the Ohkawa Academy. We will be conducting a class to teach and share with students there about the Italian food culture.

During this class we will be giving Christmas gifts sent from the students of the Elementary School of Pollenzo, Italy to the elementary students of Tom Sawyer, Japan. In turn the Japanese students will also be preparing their own gifts for the students of Pollenzo as a way of exchange and learning about cultural differences through food. We hope that this class will help the Japanese students to learn about the Italian food culture and the value of Terra Madre Day as well as allow them to forge new friendships through the sharing of regional food specialities. This will be their first step towards the Milan Expo in 2015 as some students of the Ohkawa Academy will be coming to Italy for some classes with GEN at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo.

The gifts from the elementary school students of Pollenzo were prepared by them on Terra Madre Day 2014 (10th of December) and consist of nougat (torrone) containing hazelnuts from the Piedmont area accompanied by a personal message and design from each one of the children. Both the Elementary School of Pollenzo and Ohkawa Academy are very keen in learning about cultural differences through food. The school in Pollenzo has already learnt about onigiri and misoshiru from a previous class held by GEN. All parties hope that this project will continue to grow as the relationship between these two schools grow.

GEN continues to organise such programs and events as an occasion to share different cultures of the world through food, especially between Japan and Italy. Whether big or small, GEN is able to organise original and unique programs for various clients or local governments who may be interested in sharing their regional specialities and culture to the world as a way of preserving and promoting traditions for the future.

Ohkawa Academy
After School Tom Sawyer


Slow Food Terra Madre Day for ‘La Dispensa Genuina’

Slow Food Terra Madre Day for ‘La Dispensa Genuina’
10 December 8:30
@ Elementary School of Pollenzo

Terra Madre Day this year we held a special class at the local elementary school in Pollenzo where the children learnt about the world famous hazelnut of Piedmont (Tonda Gentile del Piemonte) grown in their backyards. We started the class with a fun relay race where students had to use their chopstick skills (learnt from their previous class with GEN) to transfer hazelnuts one by one across the classroom. We then had a quiz on hazelnuts to find out what the students had learnt from their class with their teachers the previous day. The children then got creative and wrote and designed their own Christmas message to be sent with a piece of hazelnut nougat (torrone di nocciola) for the children in Japan. Lastly we made a dessert from biscuits, cocoa and hazelnuts. Needless to say we enjoyed the best of Piedmont today!

We want to say a special thanks to the investors of La Dispensa Genuina project who sponsored this event. La Dispensa Genuina aims to preserve food diversity in Japan and to promote local food production with the application of new knowledge and wisdom.

La Dispensa Genuina


The Launch of ‘La Dispensa Genuina’

Please join us for special miso tasting & Genuine miso making ceremony;
Torino Lingotto ‘Salone del Gusto’ VIP area Punto Accoglienza
26. October Sunday 11:30~13:00
For Registration, please contact to info@gen.education by 22.October.


We are happy to announce a new food project, La Dispensa Genuina(Genuine Food Pantry)at the Salone del Gusto in Torino this year.

This is a new social enterprise focusing on food education to support global food specialists in order to exchange knowledge to sustain biodiversity, wisdom and uniqueness of our world’s food culture. Through these activities, La Dispensa Genuina aims to promote genuine food: food that is active, gives us energy and cooked with love, which we believe is important to be preserved for future generations. The investors of La Dispensa Genuina are committed to the challenge of ‘Learning, Making, Tasting and Sharing’ genuine foods.

Our first project to be launched is called [ #01_ MISO del FUTURO ].

We will be attempting to produce genuine miso from the basic ingredients of premium quality soybeans and various legumes from different nations to be mixed with a living active fungus called koji and pure sea salt along with our prayers and wishes for the future. Miso is a mysterious food with an invisible capability to enhance our immune system against harmful substances in food even radioactive contamination.

At the opening ceremony, we will be presenting miso to taste as well as to make together with international Slow Food supporters. We appreciate very much your participation in making this challenge sustainable for the long term.



GEN è felice di annunciare un nuovo progetto in campo alimentare,La Dispensa Genuina,quest’anno al Salone del Gusto di Torino. Si tratta di una nuova impresa sociale di educazione alimentare finalizzata a supportare produttori di cibo giapponesi e internazionali, oltre a specialisti di alimentazione da tutto il mondo, al fine di trasmettere una conoscenza di sostegno alla biodiversità, alle competenze e all’unicità della cultura alimentare globale. Attraverso queste attività mira a promuovere il cibo genuino: un alimento che sia attivo, fornisca energia e venga cucinato con amore, valori che riteniamo importante preservare per le prossime generazioni. Gli investitori della Dispensa Genuina sono impegnati nella sfida di “Apprendere, Produrre, Gustare e Condividere” cibo genuino.

Il primo progetto ad essere lanciato si chiama [#01 / MISO del FUTURO].

Il miso è un alimento misterioso, con la capacità invisibile di rinforzare il nostro sistema immunitario contro qualunque sostanza dannosa, persino la contaminazione radioattiva.

Alla cerimonia di inaugurazione della Dispensa Genuina proporremo assaggi di miso e progetti di produzione congiunta con sostenitori internazionali di Slow Food. Sarà possibile ordinare questo miso partendo da un prezzo base di € 20, col quale si potrà scegliere fra due opzioni: spedizione presso un domicilio personale alla fine del periodo di fermentazione, oppure spedizione a orfanotrofi in Giappone o a programmi di recupero di bambini nell’area di Fukushima.

Apprezziamo moltissimo la vostra partecipazione, che permette a questa sfida di essere sostenibile nel lungo periodo.



22 September 18:00~21:30
@ Appartamento Lago Milano


In collaboration with Appartamento Lago Milano, GEN organised a Japanese-themed aperitivo with Chef Rubio. Through a combination of design and food, guests became better acquainted with Japanese food culture in particular the use of koji.
Koji is not only an important microbe in the fermentation process of many food products in East Asia but can also be used as a flavouring agent added immediately to food before consumption. Many thanks to Nousaku for their unique Japanese designed objects that helped us decorate the apartment and Streeat Food Truck for helping us cater and making beautifully crafted cocktails with Japanese ingredients. 


invito_kanpai talk

Appartament Lago


Special Japanese Cultural Food Workshop

Special Japanese Cultural Food
Venue@La Scuola di Cucina di Pollenzo
20 Sep 13:00-15:00
Lecture language: English

On the 20th of September at the Scuola di Cucina di Pollenzo we hosted Porfessor Nakazawa from Nagano College who has been nominated as ‘Japan Cultural Envoy 2014′. Through this workshop we learnt about Japanese food culture with also a short talk by Joei Asari, a koji producer from Oita, Japan whose family has been producing koji (a fungus that plays a role in the fermentation process) for over 300 years. Professor Nakazawa then proceeded to give us a hands on workshop on how to make a ‘rose design’ sushi which everyone enjoyed eating afterwards.

Sponsored by :


Kids Summer Camp : 30 July 2014 to 6 August 2014

Genuine Food Education Camp
30 JULY 2014 to 6 August 2014
Il Mulino di Marmentino

At our Summer Camp this year we hosted 12 children from Japan and Italy for one week at Il Mulino di Marmentino. At this camp the children cooked, played games, went for walks, performed drama, learnt how to make fire and rode horses. Next year we hope to organise a similar Summer Camp for the children of Fukushima.