Special Christmas Class at Ohkawa Academy in Japan

Special Christmas Class at Ohkawa Academy in Japan
@Ohkawa Academy(Mie Prefecture in Japan)

On the 24th of December 2014, GEN will be going to Mie prefecture in Japan to the Tom Sawyer After School at the Ohkawa Academy. We will be conducting a class to teach and share with students there about the Italian food culture.

During this class we will be giving Christmas gifts sent from the students of the Elementary School of Pollenzo, Italy to the elementary students of Tom Sawyer, Japan. In turn the Japanese students will also be preparing their own gifts for the students of Pollenzo as a way of exchange and learning about cultural differences through food. We hope that this class will help the Japanese students to learn about the Italian food culture and the value of Terra Madre Day as well as allow them to forge new friendships through the sharing of regional food specialities. This will be their first step towards the Milan Expo in 2015 as some students of the Ohkawa Academy will be coming to Italy for some classes with GEN at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo.

The gifts from the elementary school students of Pollenzo were prepared by them on Terra Madre Day 2014 (10th of December) and consist of nougat (torrone) containing hazelnuts from the Piedmont area accompanied by a personal message and design from each one of the children. Both the Elementary School of Pollenzo and Ohkawa Academy are very keen in learning about cultural differences through food. The school in Pollenzo has already learnt about onigiri and misoshiru from a previous class held by GEN. All parties hope that this project will continue to grow as the relationship between these two schools grow.

GEN continues to organise such programs and events as an occasion to share different cultures of the world through food, especially between Japan and Italy. Whether big or small, GEN is able to organise original and unique programs for various clients or local governments who may be interested in sharing their regional specialities and culture to the world as a way of preserving and promoting traditions for the future.

Ohkawa Academy
After School Tom Sawyer


Slow Food Terra Madre Day for ‘La Dispensa Genuina’

Slow Food Terra Madre Day for ‘La Dispensa Genuina’
10 December 8:30
@ Elementary School of Pollenzo

Terra Madre Day this year we held a special class at the local elementary school in Pollenzo where the children learnt about the world famous hazelnut of Piedmont (Tonda Gentile del Piemonte) grown in their backyards. We started the class with a fun relay race where students had to use their chopstick skills (learnt from their previous class with GEN) to transfer hazelnuts one by one across the classroom. We then had a quiz on hazelnuts to find out what the students had learnt from their class with their teachers the previous day. The children then got creative and wrote and designed their own Christmas message to be sent with a piece of hazelnut nougat (torrone di nocciola) for the children in Japan. Lastly we made a dessert from biscuits, cocoa and hazelnuts. Needless to say we enjoyed the best of Piedmont today!

We want to say a special thanks to the investors of La Dispensa Genuina project who sponsored this event. La Dispensa Genuina aims to preserve food diversity in Japan and to promote local food production with the application of new knowledge and wisdom.

La Dispensa Genuina