More than meets the eye: the importance of the invisible in Japanese food

2 DAYS @ Slow Food Pavilion Milano Expo

11th July 6pm  
Speakers: Akinori Kimura, Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky
12th July 4.30 pm
Speakers: Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky


From farm to table, our food is constantly being affected by the forces surrounding it whether that be nature or human beings.

Much of this can been seen, however much of it requires us to use our other senses or even intuition to grasp its value in order for us to treat it with the proper respect.

Our speakers on the 11th and 12th of July at the Slow Food Pavilion will be sharing with us their thoughts and observations regarding their experiences.

Akinori Kimura is an apple grower from Aomori prefecture who almost came to ruin when he stopped using pesticides on his trees due to his wife’s health. Close to committing suicide he was inspired by a lone healthy tree growing in the wild. His resolve to imitate nature and restore his soil to its natural health has since led him to grow the now much sought after ‘miracle apple’. Kimura will be telling us his story which led him to grow these perfect, pesticide-free apples.

Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzky on the other hand will be speaking on the aesthetics of Japanese food after their research trip with GEN last march in the Prefecture of Mie. They will be focusing on kaiseki (Japanese multi-course meal) and wagashi (traditional Japanese desserts), two visually beautiful Japanese art forms. Beyond what one sees, Perm and Sebi will also be deconstructing some of the meaning and thought behind such elaborate displays of food presentation.


Akinori Kimura(Japan)/ Producer of  ‘Miracle Apple’

Perm Paitayawat(Thailand)/ Food writer and consultant, PhD student and lecturer in Theatre Studies

Sebastian Melnitzsky(Argentine)/ Graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences,
Student in the Food Innovation Program,Reggio Emilia

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