Want a break from cheese?


l’ALFIERI Garden. Piazza XX Settembre, 14 BRA
18, 19  September 2015
15,00 – 19,00

Join us as we explore another food product rich in protein: The soybean.

This weekend (18th and 19th September 2015) at the CHEESE festival in Bra we will be exploring the soybean which in many parts of the world is used in ways analogous to how cheese is made from milk.

The humble soybean is truly a wonderful thing. From this simple bean we get a wide variety of food products such as tofu, miso, natto, soy sauce and soy milk, to name just a few.

The Japanese have been harnessing the power of soybeans for centuries. Here this weekend we have three speakers who went to Japan together last March and discovered this unique world. Johnny, Gai and Monika will be speaking on the various food products that they encountered in Japan along with the history of the soybean, and its use in Japan as well as other cultures from around the world.

Come listen, taste and discover all about this fascinating food.

To learn more, read Johnny’s article here about miso, one of the by products of soybeans.

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