Yukako SAITO
Genuine Education Network (Italy) – CEO, FOUNDER

Tsuruoka UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy
Education for Sustainable Development policy advisor
GEN Japan Co.,LTD – CEO

Yukako graduated the Department of Photography, University for the Creative Arts in the U.K.
After resigning from Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2010, Yukako launched a wine fund. In 2011,
Yukako moved to Europe with her two children. After staying in Budapest, Hungary,
she obtained her master’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences.
In 2014, she launched GEN using the startup program approved by the Italian government
and provided educational programs with a focus on Japanese food and local culture to Expo Milano
and the Children’s Museum of Milan as an official supporter of the Japanese Pavilion in Expo Milano.
Since then, Yukako has developed international research projects related to food
in Mie Prefecture, Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture, and Toyama City
and educational/training projects to disseminate local/food culture internationally.
Yukako became the advisor after the establishment of Genuine JAPAN in 2015
and became CEO of GEN Japan Co,.Ltd.in 2016.
Yukako now lives in Piedmont Region, Italy.

“Through GEN, I would like to spread the activities all over the world
to make food, community, and Earth better.”

鶴岡市 UNESCO食文化創造都市 教育政策アドバイザー
2016年11月株式会社GEN Japan設立。同代表取締役社長へ就任。
現在イタリア・ピエモンテ 州在住。