Want a break from cheese?


l’ALFIERI Garden. Piazza XX Settembre, 14 BRA
18, 19  September 2015
15,00 – 19,00

Join us as we explore another food product rich in protein: The soybean.

This weekend (18th and 19th September 2015) at the CHEESE festival in Bra we will be exploring the soybean which in many parts of the world is used in ways analogous to how cheese is made from milk.

The humble soybean is truly a wonderful thing. From this simple bean we get a wide variety of food products such as tofu, miso, natto, soy sauce and soy milk, to name just a few.

The Japanese have been harnessing the power of soybeans for centuries. Here this weekend we have three speakers who went to Japan together last March and discovered this unique world. Johnny, Gai and Monika will be speaking on the various food products that they encountered in Japan along with the history of the soybean, and its use in Japan as well as other cultures from around the world.

Come listen, taste and discover all about this fascinating food.

To learn more, read Johnny’s article here about miso, one of the by products of soybeans.


More than meets the eye: the importance of the invisible in Japanese food

2 DAYS @ Slow Food Pavilion Milano Expo

11th July 6pm  
Speakers: Akinori Kimura, Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky
12th July 4.30 pm
Speakers: Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzsky


From farm to table, our food is constantly being affected by the forces surrounding it whether that be nature or human beings.

Much of this can been seen, however much of it requires us to use our other senses or even intuition to grasp its value in order for us to treat it with the proper respect.

Our speakers on the 11th and 12th of July at the Slow Food Pavilion will be sharing with us their thoughts and observations regarding their experiences.

Akinori Kimura is an apple grower from Aomori prefecture who almost came to ruin when he stopped using pesticides on his trees due to his wife’s health. Close to committing suicide he was inspired by a lone healthy tree growing in the wild. His resolve to imitate nature and restore his soil to its natural health has since led him to grow the now much sought after ‘miracle apple’. Kimura will be telling us his story which led him to grow these perfect, pesticide-free apples.

Perm Paitayawat and Sebastian Melnitzky on the other hand will be speaking on the aesthetics of Japanese food after their research trip with GEN last march in the Prefecture of Mie. They will be focusing on kaiseki (Japanese multi-course meal) and wagashi (traditional Japanese desserts), two visually beautiful Japanese art forms. Beyond what one sees, Perm and Sebi will also be deconstructing some of the meaning and thought behind such elaborate displays of food presentation.


Akinori Kimura(Japan)/ Producer of  ‘Miracle Apple’

Perm Paitayawat(Thailand)/ Food writer and consultant, PhD student and lecturer in Theatre Studies

Sebastian Melnitzsky(Argentine)/ Graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences,
Student in the Food Innovation Program,Reggio Emilia




Slow Food Pavilion at EXPO MILANO 2015
Slow Food Theater
23 June 2015
16,30 – 19,30

Taste and discover more about the wonderful world of food!


Genuine Education Network in conjunction with Slow Food present to you our Genuine Japan Lecture series at the Slow Food Pavilion, EXPO Milano 2015.

Come and join us on Tuesday at 4.30pm the 23rd of June as we bring you on a journey through the diversity of sake and pickles. Our two speakers Marie Cheong-Thong and Bernhard Arnold were researchers on our recent trip to Japan to study genuine Japanese food culture.

Marie is from London and is an avid fan of sake and all other things drink and food. She will be conducting a sake tasting lecture at the Wine Bank, Pollenzo on the grounds of the University of Gastronomic Sciences the day before on the 22nd of June. Beyond just tasting sake, Marie will be sharing with us her knowledge on sakes from all over Japan as well as other parts of the world. Her short talk at the Slow Food Pavilion on Tuesday will begin to demystify sake for us and invite us to ponder upon the rich diversity of this drink made solely from rice grains.

Bernhard on the other hand is from Germany and is a graduating Masters student of Anthropology of Food. Passionate about the meanings, traditions and expectations that link people and their daily foods, he will be introducing us to the rich diversity of pickles that exist in Japan as well as making comparisons with those found here in Europe. Like with sake we will be able to taste these pickles brought all the way over from Japan.

Language: English with Italian translation provided


Marie Cheong_2
Marie Cheong-Thong(United Kingdom)/ Food and Wine Educator

Bernhard Arnold_2
Bernhard Arnold(Germany)/ 
Graduating Master’s Student in Anthropology of Food


SAKE for Beginners


22 June 2015
La Banca del Vino
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 13
12042 Pollenzo Bra (Cn)
16,00 – 18,00

Marie Cheong Thong all the way from London will be guiding us through the basics of sake, an ancient beverage that is currently taking the world by storm. Marie is a passionate foodie with qualifications in various alcoholic beverages with a wealth of knowledge to share. Her passion has brought her all around the world to study and teach gastronomy. Her openness and approachability has allowed her to do both with ease.

GEN is proud to host Marie, also a fellow researcher on our Genuine Japan trip last March. She will be teaching on the biodiversity of sake at the Slow Food Pavilion at the Milano Expo on the 23rd of June.

Language: English
Tickets cost 10 euros per head
To book a place please contact here.
Limited seats available


La Banca del Vino
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 13
12042 Pollenzo Bra (Cn)
Telefono 0172.458418


Genuine Japan Lunch with Zaiyu HASEGAWA

23 May 2015
from 13,00
in Lucca, Tuscany at ‘Il Casone 1729’

Situated in the hills of Lucca, ‘Il Casone 1729’will play host to Zaiyu HASEGAWA at an exclusive lunch event for the press and media where he will be serving some of his signature dishes to be tasted. Interested parties should contact us at here.

Genuine Education Network (GEN) and our guest chef for this week Zaiyu HASEGAWA as we present to you his unique version of the BENTO BOX made especially for you. This occasion is held in conjunction with the launch of GEN’s Genuine Japan lecture series starting this month for the Milano Expo 2015.

 The lunch will be an opportunity for journalists and the media to taste some of Zaiyu HASEGAWA’s signature dishes using local Italian ingredients accompanied by a sake pairing.We welcome any journalists or photographers to document Zaiyu’s preparation before in the morning of the 23rd in the lead up to lunch.

Il Casone 1729
Via delle Fonti 369
Frazione Piano di Mommio – 55054 Massarosa (LU) Italy
+39 0584 998025


DIRECTION TO IL CASONE 1729 s.s. Agricola
Via delle Fonti 369, Frazione Piano di Mommio
55054 – Massarosa (LU)
Tel. 0584-998025

After ca. 800 m keep right direction VIAREGGIO – CAMAIORE
After ca. 200 m keep right direction VIAREGGIO – CAMAIORE
After ca. 500 m ahead direction VIAREGGIO – CAMAIORE
After ca. 400 m road toll plaza
After ca. 400 m roundabout, 2. exit direction ZONA INDUSTRIALE LE BOCCHETTE
After 600 m turn right (direction CONSORZIO LE BOCCHETTE – for trucks it’s forbidden to go ahead)
After 500 m turn left at the end of the street (Stop sign)
After 1300 m turn left at the end of the street (Stop sign)
After ca. 150 m turn right into the street VIA DELLE FONTI (1. street on the right side)
After ca. 300 m at the end of the street you see on the left side the two iron gates of IL CASONE



Zaiyu HASEAWA is one of Japan’s youngest and brightest chefs. His playful, inventive and self-taught cooking at his Michelin star restaurant Jimbocho Den in Tokyo attracts a global cult following including culinary giants like René Redzepi, Alex Atala and Massimo Bottura. Most recently he has given the team from Noma some lessons in Japanese cooking while they were in Tokyo earlier this year as well presented at The Culinary Institute of America’s ‘World of Flavours’ conference. Zaiyu is currently an official supporter of the Japanese Pavilion at Milano Expo 2015. 
profile photo by Andrea Fazzari


The Biodiversity of Japan in Your Mouth

Slow Food Pavilion at EXPO MILANO 2015
Slow Food Theater
14 May 2015
18,00 – 19,00

GEN is proud to present our first lecture in its Genuine Japan series. On Thursday the 14th of May, an international team of three young men will be presenting to the world the richness that they discovered while touring Japan last March as part of a small research group on Japanese cuisine.

Speakers will be touching on a diverse range of topics regarding Japanese food staples including sake, miso and seaweed. As part of this talk there will also be a tasting of various food produce that they brought back from their trip. This will be a great occasion for visitors to the Expo to taste and discover for themselves the rich diversity that Japan has beyond sushi and tempura.

This session will last for only 40 minutes and will give participants a good introductory overview of Japanese food culture and biodiversity. GEN hopes this will give visitors to the Expo a greater understanding of how human beings have adapted to nature and the seasons to provide food for themselves and subsequently turned it into a rich and vibrant culture.


Justin Yip(Malaysia/Australia)/ 
Gastronomic Educator

Sebi Melnitzsky(Argentina)/ 
Graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences,
Student in the Food Innovation Program,Reggio Emilia

Konstantin Steinmeyer(Germany)/ 
Student of Gastronomic Sciences and Chef


SAKE for Sommelier -Tasting,Pairing and Sharing SAKE-

logo_725300_print-a  JPHome_Logo_Fin_q_Red

at 15,00 – 17,00

FREE for fully qualified italian sommeliers
All others will be required to pay a 10 euros entrance fee


please write to here or by the 7th of May

In Japan more than 2000 sake brewers exist and recently there are increasing numbers of sake brewers outside of Japan.
This makes sake one of the most diverse drinks on the planet.
On the 9th of May we would like to introduce a very small segment of this diversity to sommeliers in the centre of Milano.
No previous knowledge or experience of drinking sake is required. We are simply curious to know what your palate thinks.
Does sake go with Italian food? How does sake compare with wine?
Together with your contribution we can look to expand the potential of sake around the world. More than 30 unique sakes will be available for blind tasting.
The afternoon will include a few short talks by wine and sake experts as well as the opportunity to experience hands-on the culture of drinking sake.

*Please note that there will be a television crew filming at this event

At this event there will be three areas:
1) Tasting corner – here you will be able to taste and compare a wide variety of sakes
2) Pairing corner – have fun experimenting with pairing sake and European flavours
3) Sharing corner – learn the culture of sake including how it is normally drunk in a social setting

Special Guests:
Mototsugu HAYASHI
Vino Hayashi Corporation / President
Expo 2015 Milano
Japan Pavilion Supporter

Jean-Jacques BACCI

Arisa SUDA