Slow Food Pavilion at EXPO MILANO 2015
Slow Food Theater
23 June 2015
16,30 – 19,30

Taste and discover more about the wonderful world of food!


Genuine Education Network in conjunction with Slow Food present to you our Genuine Japan Lecture series at the Slow Food Pavilion, EXPO Milano 2015.

Come and join us on Tuesday at 4.30pm the 23rd of June as we bring you on a journey through the diversity of sake and pickles. Our two speakers Marie Cheong-Thong and Bernhard Arnold were researchers on our recent trip to Japan to study genuine Japanese food culture.

Marie is from London and is an avid fan of sake and all other things drink and food. She will be conducting a sake tasting lecture at the Wine Bank, Pollenzo on the grounds of the University of Gastronomic Sciences the day before on the 22nd of June. Beyond just tasting sake, Marie will be sharing with us her knowledge on sakes from all over Japan as well as other parts of the world. Her short talk at the Slow Food Pavilion on Tuesday will begin to demystify sake for us and invite us to ponder upon the rich diversity of this drink made solely from rice grains.

Bernhard on the other hand is from Germany and is a graduating Masters student of Anthropology of Food. Passionate about the meanings, traditions and expectations that link people and their daily foods, he will be introducing us to the rich diversity of pickles that exist in Japan as well as making comparisons with those found here in Europe. Like with sake we will be able to taste these pickles brought all the way over from Japan.

Language: English with Italian translation provided


Marie Cheong_2
Marie Cheong-Thong(United Kingdom)/ Food and Wine Educator

Bernhard Arnold_2
Bernhard Arnold(Germany)/ 
Graduating Master’s Student in Anthropology of Food


SAKE for Beginners


22 June 2015
La Banca del Vino
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 13
12042 Pollenzo Bra (Cn)
16,00 – 18,00

Marie Cheong Thong all the way from London will be guiding us through the basics of sake, an ancient beverage that is currently taking the world by storm. Marie is a passionate foodie with qualifications in various alcoholic beverages with a wealth of knowledge to share. Her passion has brought her all around the world to study and teach gastronomy. Her openness and approachability has allowed her to do both with ease.

GEN is proud to host Marie, also a fellow researcher on our Genuine Japan trip last March. She will be teaching on the biodiversity of sake at the Slow Food Pavilion at the Milano Expo on the 23rd of June.

Language: English
Tickets cost 10 euros per head
To book a place please contact here.
Limited seats available


La Banca del Vino
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 13
12042 Pollenzo Bra (Cn)
Telefono 0172.458418