the Next Generation of Genuine Food Lab Partners

We would like to invite you to come with us to Japan as we start our journey through the world of genuine food.

In March 2015, GEN (Genuine Education Network) will be launching its International Food Lab including its first Japan research trip. We are calling on all those who have a passion for the wisdom and culture of food to join us as we travel to the Land of the Rising Sun. We are looking for new talent who will be responsible in acting as catalysts for change in our global food system.

With this trip we will start to study Japanese mythology to grasp the fundamental philosophies behind Japanese food. You will be meeting top chefs, various high quality food producers, professors, professionals and representatives of local regional governments in Japan. GEN aims to bring participants into a close encounter with key players of the Japanese food scene whether well known or obscure, traditional or innovative. Whatever your interest GEN would like to invest in the field of your choice.
Possible research topics could include the following: food diversity and sustainable water sourcing, fermentation, salt, rice, seaweed, beekeeping, green tea, aesthetics of food and tableware, food journalism, food and religion, etc. Applicants may also suggest a theme of their own choosing.

Regardless of background, participants can expect to grow in their wisdom of food becoming well-equipped specialists in their area of interest that will enable to them to further communicate this knowledge as holistic educators of food.

For information, please write to here or

*Travel expenses (flights and accommodation) will be fully or partially covered depending on certain criteria for selecting researchers by our scholarship program.
*Our general schedule is fixed yet we are happy to arrange special requests according to your research objectives. Interested applicants are advised to contact GEN by e-mail.